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School Cleaning

We Clean Dubai is the trusted name in the school cleaning services. Since the date of foundation, we have performed school cleaning services according to the demands of our clients. Some of schools need one time cleaning services, some needs daily cleaning services and some needs weekly cleaning services. Whatever services you need according to your wishes, our objective is only one, to left your institute in tip-top shape and germs for free for students.

WE at We Clean Dubai understand your innate need to deal with all school cleaning service needs, be it a simple desk and chairs cleaning, boards cleaning, floor cleaning, rooms cleaning, kitchen cleaning, halls cleaning, cafeteria cleaning or playground cleaning. We provide it all at a single clean. Our expert team is well equipped to handle all school cleaning services with eco-friendly cleaning material and equipment.

We Ensure Clean Reading Environment

All of our products and cleaning material are chemical free so completely safe to use around children. At We Clean Dubai we understand the importance of germs free and clean school for students, teachers, and parents. We will clean a clean and hygiene school that will create right environment for enjoyable reading. We use innovative alternatives to existing chemical material that are safe to both humans and environment.

What We Can Do For You School?

Our goal is to create a sparkling, clean, neat, hygienic and safe environment in your school. We Clean Dubai uses methods that are different from residential and commercial cleaning services because schools and children needs specialized cleaning services. We pay special attention to high touch and sensitive areas that many school cleaning companies ignore. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods help students and faculty have a happy, healthy and learning experience.